The Evolution of Lactanet Atlantic Dairy ProductionVolume 2016Number 2May 15, 2017

2016 The evolution of Valacta Atlantic dairy production - Part 2

L'évolution de la production laitière en Atlantique 2016 - Partie 2

The dairy producers we highlight in this  second part of our annual report are very good managers who have seen their farm carve out a place among the best in Atlantic Canada and across the country in the 2016 HPI ranking. Many of these managers share the same truth: close teamwork where everyone plays their part well is essential to achieving good performance. 

Alone we go faster but together we go further! All organizations whose mission meets the needs of dairy producers have a role to play in the success of the Atlantic dairy sector:  All on the same team, that's what it's all about!  This 2nd part of the 2016 Evolution of Valacta Atlantic Dairy Production offers you statistics and articles on the subjects that matter to you in addition to interviews from producers for whom team work was key in achieving their results. We hope they will inspire you as much as they inspire us.