The Evolution of Dairy ProductionVolume 2020Number SpécialMay 6, 2021

2020 Quebec Evolution of Dairy Production (in french only)

L'évolution de la production laitière québécoise 2020

Dairy production is much more than a livelihood, it is a passion, a business and a way of life. Our dairy industry is facing ever-increasing challenges and dairy producers have become, by necessity, true business leaders who, through their passion, are able to thrive and achieve impressive levels of performance.

Year after year, our annual publication, L'Évolution de la production laitière québécoise, continues to be a reference for all those interested in the dairy sector.

It also reflects Lactanet's success in fulfilling its mission to contribute to the sustainable development of the dairy sector. Dairy trends are teeming with statistics that paint an unparalleled picture of the Quebec and Canadian dairy sector. Relevant articles help to contextualize these statistics, highlight achievements or raise current issues for the sector.

It is also, of course, a prestigious forum to highlight the remarkable performances of those for whom Lactanet exists: dairy producers.  Indeed, we can be proud of the results obtained once again this year by dairy business leaders from across Canada in the Herd Performance Index (HPI). Their passion and determination will undoubtedly inspire many.