Dairy Knowledge at Your Fingertips BulletinVolume Number March/April 2020April 14, 2020

Dairy knowledge at your fingertips - March/April 2020

Le Savoir laitier à votre portée - Mars/Avril 2020

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  • MILK ANALYSIS: GestaLab: A reliable no-contact option to detect pregnancies
  • MlLK ANALYSIS: 10 Steps to Using PROFILab Effectively
  • COLLECTIVE DECREASE IN PRODUCTION: How to Meet the Challenge on
    the Farm
  • COLLECTIVE DECREASE IN PRODUCTION: How can you flatten the curve of its effects on your business?
  • HEIFER RAISING: Housing for Newly Weaned Heifers: What type of building to choose?
  • Catch our monthly article on the Quebec Farmers Advocate magazine