Quebec Farmers' Advocate Volume 2014Number 4April 15, 2014

Fewer heifers at Ferme S.M. Perreault

Fewer heifers at Ferme S.M. Perreault

Faced with a lack of space in the barn, the Perreault family quickly targeted the Replacement sector as a priority to improve profitability. Initially, they raised all heifers born in the herd and once they began producing milk, the owners were required to cull cows that were still performing well in order to make room for them. It was imperative to reduce the size of the herd while accommodating the increase in production. In other words, space had to be kept in the barn for productive cows and the number of replacement animals had to be reduced. Find out more about how for Ferme S. M. Perreault of Saint-Alexis-de-Montcalm in the Lanaudière region, managed to achieve significant improvements in terms of profitability through potential gains in the replacement sector.