ArticleVolume Number December 2, 2019

Genomic Evaluations without Published DGV

Évaluations génomiques sans publication des VGD

Unlike any other country, Direct Genomic Values (DGV) have been published in Canada for genotyped animals as part of its genomic evaluation system.  The intent of doing so was to provide producers and industry  personnel  a  better  insight  into  the  “black  box”  of  genomic  evaluations  when  they  were  first  introduced in 2009.  

Ten years later, as of the December 2019 release, DGV will no longer be published or included in any outgoing data files associated with Canadian genetic evaluations.  

Some breeders have expressed their disagreement with this decision and misunderstanding continues to be propagated.  This article provides further clarification regarding the decision to no longer publish DGV. 

*Photo credit: Clément Blais, Strategic Advisor, Lactanet