TestimonyVolume Number January 23, 2020
Jean DurocherM.Sc., D.M.V.

Louison Farm : How I use GESTALAB to help manage reproduction in my herd

Ferme Louison : Comment j’utilise GESTALAB dans la gestion de la reproduction de mon troupeau

"I think it is important to do pregnancy tests as early as possible after breeding in order to identify open cows quickly."

Philippe Garneau is responsible for managing herd reproduction at Louison Farm in Normandin, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. He makes use of several of the different pregnancy detection methods available to him:

  • Ultrasound at the monthly preventive medicine visit 
  • Pregnancy detection in milk recording samples
  • Pregnancy detection in milk samples taken manually from a quarter between milk recording samples

"I make sure that a pregnancy test is taken between 26 and 45 days at the latest."

When I receive my GESTALAB report

If a cow is declared open, "I start a synchronisation protocol so I don’t lose any time."

I use pregnancy confirmation at between 60 and 80 days on all pregnant cows, regardless of the method used for early pregnancy testing.

 "This helps avoid the unpleasant surprises that come with embryo mortality," explains Philippe Garneau

Photo by :  Louison Farm

Did you know that…?

Samples received at the laboratory late in the day on Friday or on Saturday morning are now analyzed Saturday (sometimes Sunday) so that you get your results as quickly as possible. 

 "What I like about GESTALAB is how quickly you get your test results,concludes Mr. Garneau. 

Louison Farm, in brief

  • 63 milking cows
  • Tie stall housing
  • Annual production
    • Holstein:10,400 kg
    • Jersey: 7,950 kg
    • Ayshire: 7,915 kg
  • Calving interval: 404 days