ArticleVolume Number December 16, 2020

Portrait of Quebec's dairy production: final blitz until January 31, 2021!

Portrait de la production laitière du Québec :  dernier blitz jusqu’au 31 janvier 2021!

In collaboration with  Steve Adam.

The portrait of Quebec's dairy production is progressing well! With the surveys of 2032 farms completed since last March, participation is very encouraging!

Many thanks to the producers and Lactanet staff for their time and efforts!

We are now in the final blitz! Between  now and January 31, 2021, those who wish to participate in the portrait of the dairy sector can still do so by contacting their Lactanet technician. There is no charge, requires about 30 minutes of your time and you could win one of two packages worth $500 for a getaway or an activity of your choice. Winners will be randomly selected amongst producers who will have completed the exercise by the end of January 2021.

And what are the next steps?

The data collected will be used to draw a portrait of the dairy sector that will be made public in the summer of 2021. This data will be useful to know whether producers are adopting new practices, as Steve Adam presents in his article titled Quebec adopting new practices! to compare themselves with their peers or more broadly, to see the major trends in our industry and adapt to change.

There is still time to participate!

Make an appointment with your Lactanet technician before January 31st!


PARTENARIAT CANADIEN pour l'AGRICULTUREThis project is funded through the Innov'Action agri-food program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, as part of an agreement between the governments of Canada and Quebec.