ArticleVolume Number October 19, 2020
Débora SantschiPh.D., Agr.

PROFILab: More than just a question of nutrition

PROFILab : bien plus qu’une simple question d’alimentation

We often tend to criticize the ration when the PROFILab curves do not exactly meet our expectations. However, many other factors can explain why some herds have higher or lower levels of de novo fatty acids compared to their neighbor...

See how Luc Gravel T.P. of Meunerie Hébert in Montérégie uses PROFILab on the farm to better evaluate the impact of the ration and the environment and help his clients improve their herd performance. Note that this video is currently available in French only.

PROFILab should be considered as an additional tool to complement on-farm observations.

Other factors

To further understand these different factors of comfort, housing and other elements that can have an impact, we are currently in the process of visiting 100 Quebec farms to collect a broad range of data. More details on this project are available here.

In this second video, you will find more examples of the use of PROFILab, including a specific case demonstrating the impact on the fatty acid profile following the addition of ventilators.