ArticleVolume Number November 17, 2020

The Key Factors to Consider when Feeding Goats

L’alimentation des caprins : facteurs clés à considérer

Yes, you read that right!

Lactanet is offering specialized services in goat milk production. Feeding is definitely one of the topics that raises the most questions. Feed costs make up 41% of production costs (CECPA, 2020) and are the largest expenditure for goat producers. It is therefore essential to monitor them diligently.

Each stage of production has specific dietary requirements. I have made this video to present the key aspects that I consider when consulting on a goat farm.

The challenges can be great, both for the replacement kids, where the future dairy production lies, as well as adult goats. The following points are an introduction to your options. There are course, several other aspects to be considered when it comes to goat productivity.