ArticleVolume Number June 20, 2019

A new hoof health report for better monitoring on the farm!

Un nouveau rapport sur la santé des onglons pour un meilleur suivi à l’étable!

We have recently launched our new hoof health report! This new innovative tool, created using hoof lesion data collected on the farm, is innovative in so many ways:

  • The interactive « Cognos » technology allows users to organize their data better and evaluate it more easily;
  • Users can view hoof trimming sessions and lesion data in graph or table form;
  •  The use of two animal lists helps the user to rapidly identify animals that may need special attention;
  • The report provides benchmarks on five common lesions for both Quebec and Canada. This allows for straightforward comparison with other similar herds (tie stall, free stall with milking parlor and free stall with robot);
  • The report is distributed by email and can be opened on a computer, tablet or telephone (small print!) without an internet connection.

Click here to view an example of this report! Explore the options by clicking on all of the buttons and icons; check out the power of this new technology!

Thanks to an interface that we created; when a hoof trimmer transmits new data, a report is created and sent to participating producers. The report is also sent to the hoof trimmers and can easily be shared with your Veterinarian and your advisors. This not only facilitates  the management of hoof health on your farm but also helps to monitor the evolution of your situation over the last year.

« Make sure your hoof trimmer shares your data with Lactanet after every hoof trimming session. Getting a good overall view of your situation will help you to see what your operations and investments are accomplishing! »

The data, collected on the farm by hoof trimmers equipped with « Hoof Supervisor », has been stored in the national dairy data bank since June 2015. The centralisation of this data has made it possible to create this new report and will make it easier to study this data in depth to discover innovative practices for improved hoof health and animal well-being on the farm.

Do you have any questions or comments about this new report? Take a couple of minutes to share them with me!

Grappe de rechercheThe creation of this new report was financed by the Dairy Research Cluster 2 the Dairy Farmers of Canada and their partners: Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAC), the Canadian Dairy Commission and the Canadian Dairy Network.

ta collection for Quebec was put into place thanks to funding received from AAC and the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food through the Program to support sectoral development strategies 2.                                  

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