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ArticleVolume Number April 30, 2019
Julie BaillargeonM.Sc, Agr.

Your credible source for science-based practical knowledge

Votre source credible de connaissances pratiques basées sur la science.

Another email that adds to all the ones we already don't have time to read! And yet, in this age of infobesity, when any question is a click away from finding its answer, the importance of a credible source of information takes on its full importance. As business leaders and dairy production professionals, it is essential to rely on fair, verified and objective facts to make decisions and provide informed advice. As a Centre of Expertise in Dairy Production, it is our responsibility to transfer cutting-edge knowledge, both validated by recent local and worldwide research and presented in a practical manner for a useful purpose. This is why we now offer you the Dairy Knowledge at your fingertips, our monthly newsletter that delivers, directly in your e-mail, varied and relevant content on topics of interest in dairy production.

"Dairy knowledge at your fingertips", didn't that publication already exist?

Indeed, many of you will remember this quarterly newsletter, with the same name as this newest version, distributed by my colleagues directly to the farm or sent by mail. For the nostalgic or the curious, the archived editions are available in the library of the new portal www.valacta.com. It is also possible to view all the content that will be sent to you in the new electronic newsletter: expert blog posts, videos, guides, fact sheets, practical tools and much more!

To share and use without moderation

We invite you to share this new dairy knowledge publication with your entire on-farm team or with your colleagues and partners in the sector. It is possible to subscribe at the bottom of the home page of the valacta.com portal or directly by clicking here. You will find enough content to animate any discussion, whether in the dairy or by the coffee machine! And by the way, feel free to come and chat with us about a topic, submit your questions or give your opinion in the Comments section at the bottom of each article or via Facebook and Twitter.

Above all, we want the knowledge shared through the Dairy Knowledge at your Fingertips newsletter and through all our platforms to translate into profitable action for your dairy business and/or that of your customers. It is up to you to find a place for this key knowledge in your daily decisions, your advice, your routine, your challenges and your vision. It is up to you to transform, adapt, test and do all you have imagined you would with this information.

"Knowledge is a field, but if it is not ploughed or supervised, it will not be harvested. " – Peul proverb.

You can submit any ideas for questions, topics or stories you would like us to cover in our upcoming publications, at any time. You can either write to us directly or simply comment below.